Is there a delivery or setup/take down charge?

We will set up inflatable screens anywhere within 20 miles of Frankfort, IL with no delivery charge. Rentals >20 and up to 40 miles away will require an additional $50 delivery charge. There is never a setup/take down charge for our service.

What can I view on the inflatable screen?

Our projectors can display any HDMI signal (cable box/video game system/BluRay/DVD/computer), VGA (computers), USB (external hard drives). This allows for viewing everything from classic movies at home, football/basketball/baseball games, even big PPVs and video game systems! We provide a blu-ray player at every event.

When do you set up?

Projectors produce the best images when things get dark. Set up is done 45mins-1hr before the scheduled sundown so the event can begin as soon as dusk hits.

What do you charge for an event?

Setup, takedown and all necessary equipment (screen/blower/sandbags, projector, bluray player, line array speaker, cords and extensions) start at $75 an hour for outdoor private parties! Minimum 3 hours, max six. We also provide indoor tripod screens with projector and speaker available at $25/hr Email inflatabletheater@gmail.com for more information.

We all know popcorn makes every movie better. Our Popcorn machine is only $40 for the length of your rental! Supplies not included.

Our hawaiian shaved ice machine rental is only $30 for the length of your rental, ice and syrup not included.

5+ hour rentals receive a free popcorn or shaved ice machine rental at no additional charge.

What are the pros and cons of both front and rear projection?

Rear projection allows the audience absolute free roam in front of the screen, granting the opportunity for a front row experience second to none. The only drawback is the “hotspot” the projector casts onto the middle of the screen. This style is especially popular with children!

Front projection creates the highest image quality for projection, but it requires the projector to be physically in front of the screen. This lowers the total sq footage of viewing space, but offers the highest quality picture.

How much space is required?

This is in the ballpark of 25’x 18’for the inflatable screen, its tie-downs and projector cast. The 4K HDMI cord we offer in our package is also 50 ft. This goes to the projector back to your cable box if you wish to watch live television or streaming from smart TVs

If you have a specific question you do not see above, feel free to email inflatabletheater@gmail.com.